How long delivery time should i calculate for my wedding stationery?

Most of our stationery is designed to be personalized, but we also offer a number of items that do not involve personalization. 

Non personalized items: 3 weeks
Personalized items: 6 weeks



Do you offer samples?

Yes, send us an email at hello@prettypaper.com and we will send you a pack of samples of selected items. Sample orders usually ship within a week, shipping times vary depending on your location.



my information doesn't look like your design examples. can i order anyway?

how will I know what my designs will look like?

We always set the design and adjust the typography carefully to suite your unique information. We will work together with you so that your personalization meets your expectations. Minor typographic and content changes are included within your two runs of revision and feedback and you will always recieve a final proof before anything goes to print. However, we don’t offer a preview of your designs before an order is placed



Can we meet you for a in-person consultation?

Yes, we’d love to tell you more about our collections and to learn about your stationery needs, we  have the possibility for personal meetings in our studio in Stockholm. Please email us at hello@prettypaper.com to discuss your stationery options.



i would like to have my information in my own local language, is that possible?

Is it possible to have my stationary set in multiple languages?

Yes, as long as your language contains latin characters  we can type set in your own language. You can also have your stationary set in multiple languages. Send us an email at hello@prettypaper.com if you're not sure what this means and which extra fees applies for multiple languages. Stationary set in one language have the same price as in our shop.



I have my own design, can you help me with only printing?

No, unfortunately not. We only print our own design. But we recommend you to search for a printing house that offers "digital printing" or "letterpress printing".



What dimensions do you use for your items and can I change them?

We use the international paper size standard, ISO 216. Our cards are based on the A series and our envelopes are based on the C series guide. Our ordering process and prices are calculated for these formats. If you'd like to change the paper size of your stationary you need to email us on hello@prettypaper.com.



What kind of papers do you use?

For our digital printed goods we use a high quality, uncoated paper in 250 gsm, natural white or bright white. The paper is FSC certified. For our letterpress printed goods we use a 100% cotton uncoated paper in 500 gsm, it has a gentle surface texture and it's natural white. The cotton used in the paper is recycled from waste from the textile industry.



Can I hire you to illustrate a unique illustration or set a unique typography for my stationary?

Of course! We'd love to hear what kind of ideas you have and how we can help, email us on hello@prettypaper.com